The First 4 Months

In my previous blog post, we covered coming home and settling in during the first 6-8 weeks which mostly revolves around: 1. Understanding that it is normal for a baby NOT to be on a schedule at this point!2. Providing a Safe Sleep Environment3. Surviving the Period of Purple Crying4. Giving yourself and your baby as much rest as possible5. … Read More

Coming Home and Settling in: The First 6-8 Weeks

Bringing home a new baby is an incredible experience; I’ve been there twice and it still seems surreal. The spoiler is that bringing home a new baby can also be overwhelming and exhausting. So, let’s talk a little about those first few months; perhaps it will help relieve some unnecessary expectations.Biological AgeFirst things first: just because your baby is 3 … Read More

Why hire a Pediatric Sleep Consultant?

Sleep training is not for everyone. Every child is different and every family is a unique in what they believe and how they operate. In the same breath, I can say that I’ve met far too many sleepless, frustrated parents who are running on fumes because they are up rocking, shushing, lying next to or arguing with their children all … Read More

My Journey Into Sleep Consulting

Looking back, I can’t actually remember what my expectations were before my daughter was born more than 6 years ago. I do however remember getting the sideway glance/chuckle (you know the one) along with an ‘Oh, get your sleep in now’, or a ‘Hah! Say goodbye to your sleep for the next 18 years’, from well-meaning friends and strangers. I … Read More